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Wellness and Recovery

Welcome to Boss Lady Recovery - Your Exclusive Retreat in the Sky

  • 15 min
  • From 15 US dollars
  • Boss Lady Body & Mind Penthouse

Service Description

Indulge in the pinnacle of well-being within our unique Wellness and Recovery Penthouse. Here, we redefine your wellness experience by offering a private haven for your personal restoration journey. No crowded studios, no waiting for others – just an oasis of tranquility tailored exclusively for you. At Boss Lady Wellness and Recovery, your well-being is our priority. Our Wellness and Recovery Penthouse offers an exclusive retreat where each session is by appointment only, providing you with the undivided attention and privacy you deserve. Your personalized journey to optimal wellness – reserve your private session today! 1. **Red Light Therapy Panels & Masks:** Reverse the flow of time & enjoy smoother skin & healthier hair with the anti-aging red light therapy for hair & skin. Red light stimulates collagen production & vitality. Invisible NIR light penetrates deep to heal & regenerate tissue. 2. **Oculax Eye Massager Mask:** Say goodbye to eye strain and puffiness and hello to the most luxurious eye massage you've ever had. This smart Bluetooth eye massager mask is designed to soothe your eye strain and relax your mind. 3. **Massagers:** Let the soothing therapy of our professional massage machines transport you to a realm of relaxation. Experience the benefits of targeted relief without any distractions – it's your time, your space, and your well-being. 4. **Vibration Plate:** Elevate your fitness routine with the exclusive use of vibration plate technology. Stimulate your muscles, improve flexibility, burn calories, build bone density, improve posture and blood circulation. 5. **Compression Sleeves:** Embrace the therapeutic support of our compression sleeves, carefully designed to enhance your overall well-being. With a focus on increased blood flow, these sleeves contribute to more efficient muscle recovery, reducing the risk of injury. Experience the preventative benefits against swelling and inflammation, all within the quiet sophistication of your penthouse retreat. 6. **Infrared Sauna Treatments:** Luxuriate in the detoxifying embrace of our infrared saunas. Whether cocooned in a sauna blanket or seated in serenity, the privacy of your penthouse ensures a tranquil environment for the ultimate rejuvenation. 7. **Recovery Ice Tub Therapy:** This cold plunge therapy station is your answer to accelerated recovery, reduced inflammation, and relief from muscle soreness promising invigorating effects for optimal recovery.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or reschedule up to one hour prior to your appointment without incurring the $25 cancelation fee.

Contact Details

  • 3000 Blackburn Street suite 2101, Dallas, TX, USA


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